Social Media Review

The two social media platforms that I have chosen are Facebook and Instagram. I chose these two platforms because they are the ones that I use most often. With this being said, I use Facebook and Instagram for about 2-3 hours everyday.

In my opinion, Facebook is one of the most successful social media platforms today. Many people login to their Facebook account everyday, and this allows companies and businesses to target their audience in a better fashion. It is fairly easy to advertise on Facebook, and many businesses use this social media site to take advantage of this. I notice this because whenever I am scrolling through my timeline, I often come across links to online stores that I have visited frequently. This is because Facebook now uses your browser history to find out what your interests are in order to target their audiences more efficiently. More descriptively, I online shop on a website called Revolve. If I view a certain items and don’t follow through with purchasing it, it will show up on my Facebook feed with that same exact item and a link that says “we know you have been watching me.” Revolve does an excellent job advertising on Facebook because it reminds customers of exactly what they were looking for and even gives suggestions related to what you have already bought in the past and what you are looking at. Facebook also advertises through “suggested posts” based off of what your friends like. For instance, if one of my friends were to read an article on EliteDaily or “Like” a certain page, chances of it also showing up on my news feed are very high. This is because Facebook uses what your friends are interested in, and watches what other content is shared in order to grab our attention. Facebook assumes that since multiple of our friends “Like” something, we will like it as well.

The other social media platform I chose was Instagram. Although Instagram does not advertise the way Facebook does, there are still many ways that they target consumers. I find myself using Instagram much more than I should be, primarily because I don’t have to read anything and I can just look at pictures to keep me updated with what my friends are currently doing or thinking about. I also use Instagram to keep up with the latest fashion trends. I follow numerous bloggers, and a new upcoming thing that many of them use is is a website link that many bloggers use that allows you to receive emails with the exact link to their clothing items in the picture when you simply “like” their photo on Instagram. Although you do have to sign up for the service, it is very simple and easy to use, and it is a very easy way for bloggers to advertise for different products without them even paying for it. Instagram occasionally also has “suggested posts” as well. However, they do not do a very good job at having a distinct target audience. Whenever I see a suggested post it grabs my attention primarily because most of the time it is something I am not used to seeing, or it is not something that my friends would normally post. For example, as I was scrolling through my feed, I came across an advertisement for McDonald’s. I immediately stopped to look at it just because I was so confused as to why I was seeing it. Even though I hardly ever eat at McDonald’s, it still caught my eye because it had my full undivided attention. In my opinion, I think this might be what Instagram is aiming for. However, I think they would benefit more if they knew what the target audience was interested in and did suggested posts that way instead of business’ just paying for ad space.


Ad campaign critique

The advertising campaign that I have chosen to do for this assignment is “Dove Real Beauty Sketches.” This campaign was made as an extension for the “Dove Real Beauty Campaign” and was wonderfully presented. The headline that represents the campaign states, “Women are their own worst beauty critics. In fact, only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. Dove is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential. That’s why we decided to conduct a compelling social experiment that proves to women something very important: You are more beautiful than you think.” Overall, Dove does an excellent job with this campaign by showing women that they shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves and that they should love themselves just the way they are.

For this campaign, Dove brought in an FBI trained forensic artist along with a group of women who were strangers so they could answer a few questions about themselves. The FBI artist asked each person questions about their features, and he began drawing them without seeing them. The artist then asked each person to tell him about the facial characteristics of another person they met that day, he then sketched their perception of the person. The completed sketches were then placed side by side for each woman to see. Each of the women were shocked to see how another person perceived them. This experiment was amazing at boosting their self-esteem, and helped each woman realize their true beauty.

The target audience for this campaign is primarily middle-aged women. Dove focused on these women because there are many issues in today’s society with women lacking self-confidence and not thinking they are beautiful. This is why the objective for this campaign was for women to realize that they are more beautiful than they think they are. With this being said, the women in the experiment were in awe at how happy and different another person saw them. Dove did an excellent job at capturing their emotions when the sketches were revealed side-by-side. The creative and media strategy was very well deployed, as it created a great pitch to make people want to share it via social media sites. Dove did a very good job at making the actual video advertisement have an emotional and meaningful message to catch people’s attention. They did this by showing people how beautiful they truly are rather than just telling them. This campaign all started when Dove uploaded their video to their YouTube channel. In my opinion, I think uploading advertisements primarily to YouTube is very risky, but Dove proved me wrong. However, I now realize why they did so. With their advertisement being shown only on YouTube, it gave viewers the opportunity to actually engage in the message and focus on the whole advertisement without distractions. If this video had been showed on television people would have talked about it but it probably wouldn’t have gained much attention because many people skip through commercials. Within a month of uploading the video to YouTube, it gained over a million views. With this being said, Dove delivered a very powerful message to women all over the country and it will continue to be shared and remembered as an advertisement that associates the brand with making a difference in society.

body language

 As much as I hate to admit it, I can do a lot to improve my body language. This being said, it is fairly easy for people to read me because of the way I act when I talk. It is most noticeable when I am nervous, I don’t speak up as loud as I usually would and I stop using hand gestures because I simply don’t know what to do with myself. However, if I am comfortable with the person I am talking to, I am very open and active with my body when I hold conversations. I think it is important for me to change my body language because I know it is something that other people easily catch onto and I want to feel comfortable to talk in front of people that I do not know. Another bad habit that I have is slumping.. I always have to remind myself to straighten my shoulders whether I am standing or sitting down. With all of this being said, one thing that I am proud of is that whenever I am talking to someone or vice versa I always make sure to maintain eye contact. This is just my way to ensure them that I am actually listening to what is being said.

Core Analysis

Curiosity: I would probably rank my curiosity as a 7 or 8 because I am always thinking of other ways to do things.

Openness: I would rank my openness as a 7 because even though I do like to stay in my comfort zone, I am always up for new ideas.

Risk: Taking risks is something I struggle with because I get in routine with doing the same things and I get nervous to hear feedback. I would rank this a 6.

Energy: I would like to think my energy level would be around an 8, because if I am going to try new things I always try to enjoy them as well.

MC 3031

HELLO! My name is Bianca Vasquez, and I am from Houston, Texas. I am currently a junior at LSU majoring in Digital Advertising, and minoring in Business Administration.

Throughout this semester I hope to increase my creative thinking skills to develop better strategies for advertisements. I also hope to learn more about how to actually develop and create advertisements and creative briefs. I would like to learn these things so I can get a better understanding of the creative side of advertising, in order for me to see if this is something I would like to pursue a career in.

Class Review

This semester has flown by and it’s hard to believe I am already done with MC 2015. This was my first mass comm class where I actually had to do projects and design things. So at first it was a major adjustment for me, and I’m not going to lie I struggled on many of the projects because I have never done them before. With this being said I was challenged with pretty much every project. 

I learned how to design newspaper and magazine layouts, which I struggled with big time. I never realized how much effort goes into making the layouts, and I found this very interesting. I learned that everything has it’s place and everything is done for a reason. There is a reason behind all text layouts as well as image placements. Learning these things has really opened my eyes on how I now look at magazines. It’s weird how much I examine them now, and I must admit I feel like a nerd when I’m flipping through pages and being like “Oh I know how they did that!”

The project that I really enjoyed was making a video. Like the magazines, I realized every shot done is for a reason. All of the different angles portray something different. I enjoy putting different clips together and I feel accomplished when my final product is done. 

Overall, regardless of my grade I receive, I think this might be one of my favorite classes I will take at LSU. This class has made a huge impact on how I view all types of media. I learned that nothing is done as a coincidence, and everything has a reason. I now look in depth of how things are put together such as magazines, newspapers, movies, and print ads. This class has been very beneficial and it will definitely help me in my future.

Critique a Website

I chose to critique the Pinterest website for my assignment. Pinterest is a website that I visit pretty much everyday. Its home page has a simple layout, with thumbnail pictures of images called “pins”that the people you follow are interested in. This can include many different things such as food, clothes, do-it-yourself crafts, workouts etc. If you see a “pin” that you like, you have the ability to “re-pin” it and post it on one of your “boards”. Your “board” helps organize your “pins” into similar collections so that you can find things more easily when you are looking through them. This website can be used by men and women of all ages once they sign-up for an account. Although most of the sit users consist of women, most men don’t know that there is also content for them also. I believe this website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. It sticks with the same color scheme of white and red, and every page has the same layout. The only thing I would change about this website is the search feature. The search bar enables you to type what you are looking for, and it even has categories that you can browse from. However, since this website is basically running off of what other users are pinning, whenever you search for something you might not get what you are looking for because of users mislabeling “pins”. Regardless of this, I think Pinterest is a very successful website and I would recommend others to try it out!Image

Web Design Project

The idea that I was assigned to was to create a website that enables you to take a picture of the clothes you own in order to mix and match them to make different outfits. The purpose was to save the users’ time when picking out their next outfit, and they would be able to pick out what to wear on-the-go. I also had to transform my website into an Iphone and Ipad medium.

I created my website by using a simple design that made it user friendly by making it look more like a clothing website. I felt that this approach was the easiest for users to understand and everything was laid out in a clean manner.


 Website design Website design2 Website design3



ipad design ipad design2 ipad design3


iphone design iphone design2 iphone design3

Video Assignment

For this project, I captured the process of Emma making a salad. I made sure to show the process of her preparing her food from beginning to end. I did this by shooting her at different angles and incorporating the 5-point method into my video. I took out the original audio in this video simply because it was boring. I also made the whole video play to a song (Sweet Disposition) to make it more uplifting and so it would attract an audience more.