Ad Comparison

AT&T Commercial – It’s Not Complicated “More”

Verizon 4G LTE – “Brothers” Commercial

 In society today, it is very rare that you would see someone without their cell phone. The cell phone market is continuing to grow and consumers want the best service provider they can get their hands on. Two of the most competitive cell phone providers are AT&T and Verizon.

In order for an advertisement to be effective it should do five things:

inform, entertain, persuade, identify, and enlighten.

In the first commercial, AT&T has done a great job by entertaining the audience with their new series of commercials by using a business man speaking to a group of children in a class room. This new series has done a great job at grabbing the viewers attention and has drawn consumers from all ages, ranging from children to adults. The commercial is informative and lets you know that AT&T is the nations largest 4G network. AT&T has come up with many slogans persuading consumers to switch to their network such as “It’s Not Complicated.” In this one they use the little girl to show that “more is better than less” to show you that it is better to have a larger network rather than a smaller one.

When I first viewed the second commercial, I wasn’t quite sure what the advertisement was for. It shows two brothers growing up over time and I figured it was for some sort of food advertisement. It wasn’t until the end that I figured out that it was for Verizon. They didn’t do an excellent job at informing the audience about their product and it wasn’t very persuading. However, Verizon was creative by using their slogan “Never Have To Surrender Things That Matter” and incorporating that with the two brothers when they were grown up, and in a business meeting. I understand the message that Verizon is trying to portray but it could have been done better.


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