Newspaper design vs. Magazine design


For my newspaper design, I used the layout of rectangle shaped text. I believe that this is a good way to reach out to my audience. I have placed my picture at the top of the page to capture my audiences attention. My picture is followed by the photo credit. I have also included the cutline followed by the headline, I made sure that my headline matched the width of my story and did not include any hyphenations.

magazine article2magazine article3

For my magazine design, I used a two page layout to portray my text and images. A magazine ad is not as organized as a newspaper ad, and many of the pictures are scattered throughout the page to reach out to the audience. I made my pictures all different sizes in order to wrap my text around the images. I also placed a quote in the middle of my text to make my audience feel more involved.


c’est la vie!




Getting a tattoo has always been something I have thought about doing. However, I never knew what I would actually get knowing that it would be written on me for the rest of my life. With this being said, I would want it to be something meaningful to me. This is why I chose the phrase “c’est la vie” which translates to “that’s life” for this project. I often find my friends and I saying this phrase to each other after something didn’t turn out the way we thought it would. This is a constant reminder to me that nobody is perfect and life is too short to waste time on the small things in life. I like to think that I am an optimistic person and this phrase helps me pursue that and look on the bright side of everything. This is why I chose to place the tattoo on the back of my arm because I wanted it to be in a place that other people could see it also; This would make them able to read the message and hopefully interpret it the same way as I do. I chose a cursive font because it represent a flow of connectivity and is personal and meaningful. Cursive fonts are also beautiful and soft and I think that it was the perfect style to convey for my message.

Making a Scene

making a scene



My first thoughts when given this assignment were “I have no idea what I’m going to do.” I then thought of what I would rather be doing if it were not cold and snowing (well what we consider snow). This made me realize that I would rather be near a body of water on a boat with my friends, or in this case a dog. I then thought of placing a turtle in my picture as it represents my sorority, Delta Zeta. I also wanted to grab my audiences attention by putting a random object in there, this is my reasoning for the so called lochness monster.

Links to the pictures I used:

Lake Annette (1)

LEGO Lochness Monster

Small boat at Burnham Overy Staithe

Bear as a puppy