Being from Texas, Whataburger is the main fast food restaurant that I grew up going to. It was the perfect place to go hang out with your friends after a sporting event. As I got older, Whataburger was also where my friends and I would go to grab food after a late night out (as it was conveniently open 24/7).

Even though Whataburger is not nearly as popular in Louisiana as it is in Texas, they still do a great job connecting with their customers through social media. Their TV commercials are short and straight to the point, they make you crave it by showing a clip of their food. Their verified Twitter account has almost 200K followers, and they follow back 133K of those followers. Not only do they tweet continuously throughout the day, but they also retweet and reply to tweets they are mentioned in. Their tweets are funny and engage customers to keep them interested.


Whataburger also engages with their customers by constantly updating their Instagram and Facebook accounts. They post pictures of their food, new menu items, and pictures of satisfied customers. This does an excellent job keeping customers involved by keeping them updated, as well as portraying that customers are satisfied with their product.


The only thing that I would suggest Whataburger doing differently is making online giveaway promotions. This includes posting about  receiving giftcards if you retweet their tweet, or even a contest to win a free meal. They could even post coupons online that you have to bring in with you in order to get either a free meal or dessert.




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