The Return

This video was shown to me a couple of years ago, and it has stuck in my memory because of how emotional it is. Talking on your phone and texting while driving is a major issue we have in our society today, and many people do not realize how your actions can affect other people.

This video shows what is happening through the perspective of a teenage boy, and a mother and her son. There are many close up shots used to show each persons emotions throughout the whole video. At the beginning, all characters are portrayed as happy and care-free. Once they get in the car, over the shoulder shots are used to show their point of view. While the mother and her son are in the car, it shows the young boy showing his mom his report card. It then shows the teenage boy talking on the phone, and naturally when you talk on the phone you’re most likely not paying close attention. This was the point that I originally thought there was going to be a wreck. But it get’s worse. After the teenage boy gets off his phone he drops it, and he immediately begins to look for it on his floor board taking his eyes completely off the road. During this time, the young boy and his mother have safely arrived at their house, the mother walks over to get the mail out of the mailbox while her son is waiting in the driveway. The next angle that is shown shows the teenage boy’s point of view which is him looking down trying to find his phone, once he looks up he begins swerving but it is too late. He has hit the son’s mother and a medium shot is shown on the boy holding his mom. At the end, you realize that this video is showing the teenage boys memory of what happened that day. It’s shows how this has affected him, and he goes to the young boys house and apologizes to him.

This video does an excellent job portraying each characters emotions throughout the video. It also makes you feel like you were actually there by going back and forth between both sides of the story. The video also does a great job intertwining the teenage boys after thoughts and showing him go back and apologizing. All 5-points were used very well, and did a great job engaging you into the video.


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