Critique a Website

I chose to critique the Pinterest website for my assignment. Pinterest is a website that I visit pretty much everyday. Its home page has a simple layout, with thumbnail pictures of images called “pins”that the people you follow are interested in. This can include many different things such as food, clothes, do-it-yourself crafts, workouts etc. If you see a “pin” that you like, you have the ability to “re-pin” it and post it on one of your “boards”. Your “board” helps organize your “pins” into similar collections so that you can find things more easily when you are looking through them. This website can be used by men and women of all ages once they sign-up for an account. Although most of the sit users consist of women, most men don’t know that there is also content for them also. I believe this website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. It sticks with the same color scheme of white and red, and every page has the same layout. The only thing I would change about this website is the search feature. The search bar enables you to type what you are looking for, and it even has categories that you can browse from. However, since this website is basically running off of what other users are pinning, whenever you search for something you might not get what you are looking for because of users mislabeling “pins”. Regardless of this, I think Pinterest is a very successful website and I would recommend others to try it out!Image


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