Class Review

This semester has flown by and it’s hard to believe I am already done with MC 2015. This was my first mass comm class where I actually had to do projects and design things. So at first it was a major adjustment for me, and I’m not going to lie I struggled on many of the projects because I have never done them before. With this being said I was challenged with pretty much every project. 

I learned how to design newspaper and magazine layouts, which I struggled with big time. I never realized how much effort goes into making the layouts, and I found this very interesting. I learned that everything has it’s place and everything is done for a reason. There is a reason behind all text layouts as well as image placements. Learning these things has really opened my eyes on how I now look at magazines. It’s weird how much I examine them now, and I must admit I feel like a nerd when I’m flipping through pages and being like “Oh I know how they did that!”

The project that I really enjoyed was making a video. Like the magazines, I realized every shot done is for a reason. All of the different angles portray something different. I enjoy putting different clips together and I feel accomplished when my final product is done. 

Overall, regardless of my grade I receive, I think this might be one of my favorite classes I will take at LSU. This class has made a huge impact on how I view all types of media. I learned that nothing is done as a coincidence, and everything has a reason. I now look in depth of how things are put together such as magazines, newspapers, movies, and print ads. This class has been very beneficial and it will definitely help me in my future.