Social Media Review

The two social media platforms that I have chosen are Facebook and Instagram. I chose these two platforms because they are the ones that I use most often. With this being said, I use Facebook and Instagram for about 2-3 hours everyday.

In my opinion, Facebook is one of the most successful social media platforms today. Many people login to their Facebook account everyday, and this allows companies and businesses to target their audience in a better fashion. It is fairly easy to advertise on Facebook, and many businesses use this social media site to take advantage of this. I notice this because whenever I am scrolling through my timeline, I often come across links to online stores that I have visited frequently. This is because Facebook now uses your browser history to find out what your interests are in order to target their audiences more efficiently. More descriptively, I online shop on a website called Revolve. If I view a certain items and don’t follow through with purchasing it, it will show up on my Facebook feed with that same exact item and a link that says “we know you have been watching me.” Revolve does an excellent job advertising on Facebook because it reminds customers of exactly what they were looking for and even gives suggestions related to what you have already bought in the past and what you are looking at. Facebook also advertises through “suggested posts” based off of what your friends like. For instance, if one of my friends were to read an article on EliteDaily or “Like” a certain page, chances of it also showing up on my news feed are very high. This is because Facebook uses what your friends are interested in, and watches what other content is shared in order to grab our attention. Facebook assumes that since multiple of our friends “Like” something, we will like it as well.

The other social media platform I chose was Instagram. Although Instagram does not advertise the way Facebook does, there are still many ways that they target consumers. I find myself using Instagram much more than I should be, primarily because I don’t have to read anything and I can just look at pictures to keep me updated with what my friends are currently doing or thinking about. I also use Instagram to keep up with the latest fashion trends. I follow numerous bloggers, and a new upcoming thing that many of them use is is a website link that many bloggers use that allows you to receive emails with the exact link to their clothing items in the picture when you simply “like” their photo on Instagram. Although you do have to sign up for the service, it is very simple and easy to use, and it is a very easy way for bloggers to advertise for different products without them even paying for it. Instagram occasionally also has “suggested posts” as well. However, they do not do a very good job at having a distinct target audience. Whenever I see a suggested post it grabs my attention primarily because most of the time it is something I am not used to seeing, or it is not something that my friends would normally post. For example, as I was scrolling through my feed, I came across an advertisement for McDonald’s. I immediately stopped to look at it just because I was so confused as to why I was seeing it. Even though I hardly ever eat at McDonald’s, it still caught my eye because it had my full undivided attention. In my opinion, I think this might be what Instagram is aiming for. However, I think they would benefit more if they knew what the target audience was interested in and did suggested posts that way instead of business’ just paying for ad space.